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Countdown with Keith Olbermann…errrr…the “Real News” Update: Jarret retracts fox biased charge!

Sitting down to relax this evening I turned on the television to see how the news pundits were portraying Lieberman’s statement that he would filibuster the Senate bill because of the cost and the rush to get it done. Just for a laugh, I flipped to MSNBC to see how Keith Olbermann was spinning the news and I came across this gem:

Skip ahead to 1:15 to get to the good part.

Clip from the Keith Olbermann show on Tuesday night

Olbermann: Are we clear that he never mistook 24 for some sort of newscast?

Eugene Robinson: One hopes that he didn’t actually think it was an actual documentary. This is a serious point….

And it goes on!!!!

I actually turned to my wife and asked her if this is really happening? We have got murderers in Iran about to get the bomb, Cap and Trade legislation ready to destroy our economy, Government run health care right around the corner and this is what MSNBC calls news?

Well I must say, it is a bit ridiculous and really should be an embarassment for the President who marched his two lieutenants out to degrade and attempt to marginalize Fox News as “not really a news station.”

For your viewing pleasure, below are two clips of Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod proclaiming that Fox NEWS is opinion journalism.


Rahm Emannuel stating that Fox NEws has a “certain perspective”


David Axelrod syaing Fox News “Not really a News Station”:


If you ask me, if Fox News is opinion journalism, then MSNBC must be the garbage that read about while waiting in line at your nearest supermarket. Truly incredible! And you wonder why Fox News continues to increase their viewership and MSNBC is trailing far, far behind.



Credit to CNN here: Valerie Jarrett makes, retracts charge Fox is biased

The White House carefully continued its assault on Fox News Tuesday, as a senior White House adviser told CNN’s Campbell Brown that the network was “of course” biased against the Obama administration, but immediately backtracked slightly.



  1. October 27, 2009 at 20:13

    Fox “news” spins the facts and sometimes just makes stuff up to fit the right-wing ideology. I’ve never seen MSNBC pundits do that.

    • Unalienable Rights
      October 27, 2009 at 21:30

      Yep, Schultz, Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, and more are all commentators that NEVER spin anything…nope they just report the news exactly as it happens. Nice!

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