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Global Warming eh?

Two graphs from a paper that disputes some of the claims made by the Geological Society of Amaerica (GSA) is full of wonderful little tidbits regarding man made global warming. Here is a link to the paper.

Two graphs that stand out to me are below:

Global Temperatures versus CO2

Abrupt increase in post–1945 CO2 emissions.

The above graph shows that even though there was a significant increase in the CO2 concentration, we still experienced a long period of global cooling.

Global climate change and CO2

Global climate change and CO2

We are seeing the same trend today. The globe is cooling and we are seeing record amounts of snowfall earlier than we have in recent memory. We are in a deep solar minimum and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation has shifted to cooling. All of the variables suggest we are going to see a significant period of global cooling on the horizon and I have a feeling that the CO2 level are going to steadily increase. Just a hunch.

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