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The Downward Spiral Continues!

Unfortunately, we are all in big trouble. With the initial stimulus bill clocking in at 1 trillion including interest, the House has just passed an additional $410 Billion spending bill that has 9000 earmarks! On top of that, Obama is planning on dropping another $650 Billion on universal health care. Don’t forget the $700 Billion TARP program with a side of the $275 Billion mortgage bailout by the government. Oh wait, there is more…Tim, the new man at the treasury, has said that we are looking at spending $1.2 Trillion more on the banks, just to get us out of this. Lastly, Obama is going to be seeking an additional $75 Billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The icing on the cake…yep, that is right, Obama wants a cap and trade system that is going to put a burden on every single aspect of life as there is nothing that we can do in this world that does not generate a carbon footprint. Even if you do buy the flimsy and silly argument that man is warming the globe by pumping carbon into the atmosphere (by the way, in the history of the earth, there has been a lot more carbon in the atmosphere and the Earth has been alright) I can’t imagine that you think building fiat currency on the back of carbon is a good thing.

America as we knew it is now going down the drain and the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves as the country moves more and more toward tyranny. Funny how the founders of this great nation knew that the natural tendency of the government would be moving towards tyranny and thus created the single greatest document in the history of civilization to stop it. Have a look at it. It is called the constitution. Last time I looked, I didn’t find government bailouts or universal health care in the constitution. This is a sad day my friend. Stimulated? Far from it.

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Bipartisan Support for the Stimulus, Or Is It?

With the final vote being cast late last night, I find it strange how the only speak of bipartisan efforts for this disastrous stimulus bill refers to the 3 GOP RINOS broke from conservative principles to vote for more government welfare.  However, the real story continues to get buried in print.  In the house, not a single representative from the Republican party voted for the bill and were joined by 7 representatives from the Democratic party.  This bill is in no way a win for the Obama administration and the fact that there were 7 democrats who broke ranks from this insanity proves it.  Nice job to the following democrats who belive the government is not the solution:

  • Bobby Bright – AL 02
  • Parker Griffith – AL 05
  • Walt Minnick – ID 01
  • Collin Peterson – MN 07
  • Heath Shuler – NC 11
  • Gene Taylor – MS 04
  • Ginny Brown-Waite – VA 05
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America’s Lost Decade? Here we come!

With the stimulus bill, oh so cleverly called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”, ready for a vote on Friday, are we standing on the verge of economic recovery or are we heading for a train wreck that is reminiscent of Japan’s “Lost Decade?” While I pray it is the former, I have a feeling it will be the latter.

The following is from an article that has a great analysis of Japan’s economic woes of the 1990’s and I think summarizes things very effectively:

“Japan’s large fiscal stimulus packages, which became legendary during the 1990s, were ineffective for several reasons. First of all, the packages were not as large as advertised, often inflated by double counting as stimulus government programs that were already slated to be undertaken. More importantly, the packages were poorly directed–largely toward unproductive public works projects and credits to small businesses that were no longer economically viable. It would have been far better to have reduced tax rates and allowed households to employ the increase in disposable incomes as they saw fit.”

Now, back to the stimulus plan that has been touted as the only solution to this crisis by the white house. Obama’s assertion that this stimulus bill creates jobs is absurd. This bill does not create jobs and even more importantly government does not create jobs. This is going to create work, plain and simple. I have not seen or heard this in the media at all, what a surprise. The distinction between work and jobs is this. A job is something that is sustainable due to a demand for the product or service that a business produces and work is something that is finite and is generated not because there is a demand for something, but rather because some feels there is a necessity for it. The first question that the media should of asked is, “How in the world does giving money to create more government bureaucracy going to create jobs?” The second question requires a leap of faith and assumes that by giving billions to more government is going to stimulate the economy and create jobs, and is, “What happens when the money for these ‘jobs’ runs out?”

I guess we can no longer rely on our media to keep a watchful eye on the government and it will be up to us. I would encourage all of you to write to you congressmen and senators and let them know that this is the wrong course of action. You can’t lose, especially with history on your side.

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